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petainerKeg™ 30L USD D npr


petainerKeg™ 30L USD D npr


The petainerKeg™ USD offers all the benefits of the petainerKeg™ Classic – and more. Designed for use on existing filling lines for steel kegs, the petainerKeg™ USD can be filled with the opening in the Keg facing downwards.

The USD Keg therefore offers brewers the opportunity to gain all the advantages of the petainerKeg without needing to invest in new filling systems.

USD Kegs are supplied in rigid Polypropylene casings which makes them easy on conventional filling lines and in transport.

The kegs and the casings are designed for ‘one-way’ use. Once they are empty, they are simply crushed and sent for recycling with other empty plastic containers.

petainerKegs are manufactured from PET (Polyethyleneterephthalat) with a small proportion of nylon and a brown colorant. Fittings are made from plastic materials: POM (Polyoxymetylen), PP (Polypropylene), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and a stainless steel metal spring.

*Petainer 30L kegs are available with the minimum purchase of 12 kegs. For customers interested in purchasing more than 96 kegs, please contact G3.Order@G3Enterprises.com or 1-855-G3-ORDER (1-855-436-7337)

Below are documents which must be downloaded and understood before use:

Keg Filler Set up download pdf
Hand Filler Set up download pdf
Use & Disposal download pdf
Pallet Configuration for filled kegs download pdf 
Pallet configuration for empty kegs download pdf
Fittings and Pressure Release Overview Page link

 For more technical information on how to use petainerKeg™ please contact us


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