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20 Litre plastic keg with the box


petainerKeg™ 20L Classic D npr & Box


Petainer 20L kegs with the boxes are available with the minimum purchase of 20 kegs. For customers interested in purchasing more than 160 20L kegs, please contact G3.Order@G3Enterprises.com or 1-855-G3-ORDER (1-855-436-7337).

Petainer’s innovative PET kegs allow you to deliver beer, wine, cider, water, concentrates and low pressure carbonated soft drinks anywhere in the world at a fraction of the previous cost.

Fittings are made from plastic materials: POM (Polyoxymetylen), PP (Polypropylene), TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) and a stainless steel metal spring.

Below are documents which must be downloaded and understood before use:

Keg Filler Set up download pdf
Hand Filling Set up download pdf
Use & Disposal download pdf
Pallet Configuration download pdf
Fittings and Pressure Release Overview Page link

 For more technical information on how to use petainerKeg™ please contact us

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